Static versus Dynamic on-hold marketing

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~ This was posted on - October 28, 2008

When you’re first looking at adding a music-on-hold or messaging-on-hold advertising production to your phone system, you need to decide whether the message should change frequently, or if your script will work for years and years.

If your company’s logos, brochures, website, and customers has changed over the last ten years, then shouldn’t your on-hold messaging? Shouldn’t the music behind the message be as contemporary as your company’s image?

For a static unchanging production, our sister company,, puts it this way, “If your business never changes, neither will this production.” Since most companies change and adapt with their customers needs and new technology, why would you advertise the old stuff to your existing customers?

One of our customers,, is coming out with a new environmentally friendly water based paint that takes a little longer to dry, but looks just as good as the toxic synthetic paints that are commonplace in the industry. Carstar updates their production quarterly, so Hold Time Studios can inexpensively inform their existing customers about the value-added benefit of using water based paint as soon as Carstar is ready to bring it to market.

If the phone line is your primary way of communicating with employees, wouldn’t you want to spent a few dollars to “roll out the red carpet” with a dynamic relevant marketing piece that nearly every caller will hear? And, it costs far less than a brochure-run or mass media advertising.

It’s Hold Time Studios: Good Things Come to Those Who Wait!

Creative Marketing Ideas – On Hold Messaging

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~ This was posted on - October 14, 2008

Hold Time Music and Marketing started as an idea in a business research class, and then – armed with a graduate degree in Music and an M.B.A., we’ve found our way into hundreds of phone systems around the country – almost exclusively by referrals. We’re very proud of our company, and grateful for our clients.

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