Can I have music on hold with a small analog phone system?

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~ This was posted on - February 18, 2009

If your phone system was purchased at an office supply store, it’s not going to have a music on hold port to plug a player into. In fact, it may not even have a way to put people on hold. But there are third party adapters that can add this capability to your phone system. Installed correctly, it can be as smooth as a commercial grade phone system.

For commercial grade systems, check out this page  For office-depot type systems, call us at 800-521-5570 and we’ll point you in the right direction.  Really, searching about the internet is going to be harder than just calling us…

Type #2 – The keystroke

These third-party units manually activate the on-hold music with a keystroke, like #, or by physically pressing a button on the unit itself. It works like an on-off switch.


- Inexpensive and simple.


- Require a manual keystroke everytime a caller is put on hold.

- Only works with the phone it is attached to.

Type #3

Intellitouch makes a product that emits a signal tone from a dongle attached to each phone reciever. When the phone is put on hold and the hand held phone receiver is no longer electrically connected to the base unit… the signal disappears and the player begins to play the on hold messaging feed.

It sounds innovative, but in our experience… it doesn’t always work. Hold Time Studios does not sell or support this unit anymore.


- The player and the adapter are one unit.


- At least 30% of our installations with the OHP 6500 failed, and we ordered a Skutch adapter.

What customers want with telephone on hold

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~ This was posted on - February 4, 2009

What do you like to hear on-hold? We’re used to getting silence, static, or the radio. Nobody remembers music on hold paragraphs that are long, boring, and full of superlatives packed into lists of services. All of these present a bleak, if not crummy image of the company that’s being called.

Maybe you remember a cool on-hold message that was creatively written, mixed with a bit of humor… or better yet – sound effects? can do the boring stuff, yes, but why when for the same price you can engaging and educational music on hold?

Skip the boring studios, toss the old radio – and try us out.  Here are some fun samples we’ve put together over the years: 

Oh, yes… there are statistics to back us up. Here they are:

AT&T said,

“70% of calls are placed on hold for 30 seconds or longer. If a callers listens to silence, with commercial call will suffer a 75% abandonment rate. For first time callers, more than half will not call back.”

CNN said,

“The average person spends 100 hours per year on hold.”

Cellular Marketing Magazine

“Over 90% of callers prefer on-hold messages over silence.”

Telemarketing Magazine said,

“Surveys show that 25 to 40% of callers make purchases based on information they heard on-hold.”

So, does that sound like a good $1.50/day investment for your marketing budget?

Music on hold hell

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~ This was posted on - February 2, 2009

What is the #1 thing people don’t want to hear on-hold?

- An out-of-tune radio.

What is the #1 thing business owners don’t want customers to hear on-hold?

- A radio advertisement for somebody else.

What is the biggest waste of space on a phone system?

- Silence, while your customers are listening for someone to help them.

What is the second biggest waste of space on a phone system?

- Music-on-hold with lots of distortion guitar (which sounds awful over the phone), and badly written scripts.

What is the most overused, oxymoronic phrase for messages on hold?

- “Your call is important to us.”

o While that may true, don’t remind the caller of it then fill their ear with bad music-on-hold. The best compliment we routinely get at is, “Our customers ask to get put back on-hold!” I’m not kidding – read our testimonials!

What’s the most inappropriate music on hold selection we’ve heard?

- Mozart’s Requiem, for a life insurance company!

Honestly, folks…. You can do better with Please read our testimonials and see the music on hold can be fun, engaging, and present your company in a way that will

- callers on hold longer

- help your customers understand the scope and background of your business

- cross-sell products and services your customers are not aware of

- create an marketing impression where there was once was…silence!

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