Putting Your business on hold with music and messaging

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~ This was posted on - April 29, 2009

Occasionally, I’ll see articles popup in main-stream media about Music on hold on business telephone systems like NEC, Cisco, and Avaya. Recently, I spotted one in the Costco Connection magazine. Good stuff. Here’s a recap:

While everyone is trying to optimize their websites with SEO, teleseminars, and social networking, one of the most cost effective means of dynamic marketing is using your telephone system. This applies to companies that have any kind of call volume, because it gives you an affordable way to talk to your most important customer, the one that is calling you.

Use the radio for music on hold? pity. Inevitably, a competitor is going to get their ad on the radio, and your customers will hear it while their on the phone with you! Bad taste, but really great guerilla marketing for them!

Music on hold can actually reduce call volume by redirecting callers to other customer service interfaces, like your website. Typically, “We’re sorry you have to wait for a moment, but you can take care of many typical transactions like…. On our website: www.xyz.com.” Instead of adding another receptionist, redirect your customers to an automated marketing channel you’ve already spent time and money on: your website.

Most people who dial in on your business telephone system have blinders on – their focused on one thing that you provide; And yet you know that there are a whole host of services offered. Wouldn’t you like them to know about those? Use messaging on hold to mention sale prices or special offers, and don’t’ forget to remind them to inquire about it when a sales representative returns to the line.

www.holdtimestudios.com, is a custom shop for productions and equipment that is tailored just for your application. No templates here: each client gets our unique best. Learn more about who we are at http://www.holdtimestudios.com/about-us.php, or call us at 800-521-5570!

Local Company finds local help with Music on hold

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~ This was posted on - April 20, 2009

While most of our new customers at www.holdtimestudios.com come to us by referral or the website, a few months we got a call out the blue from a dental clinic that needed music on hold for their NEC phone system. At that time, we hadn’t spent a lot time and money optimizing our onhold messaging site for the general public… it was mostly just “calling card”.

Perman Family Cosmetic Dentistry www.bestsmilesincanby.com in Canby had searched in google by their zip code for a telephone vendor, and up came www.holdtimemusic.com, because we’re located nearby and the zip code in somewhere (?) on our website. Who knew?

We hooked them up with some great customized on hold messaging productions, and just recently began to use them as our dental provider. Great service, nice people… and oh, check out their awesome on hold productions! Here’s an example..



You can see from http://www.holdtimestudios.com/phone-system.php that our equipment can travel anywhere, remotely updated on hold productions are our specialty; But it’s nice to have a personal connection with a local client. Thanks Dr. Perman!

My favorite Music on hold creative marketing ideas from 2008

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~ This was posted on - April 17, 2009

We just finished our on hold messaging production seasons for the Spring of 2009, and there were a couple really great stand out paragraphs that I enjoyed doing the voice over for. Of course, adding sound effects that are relevant to your business is an innovative marketing idea… Here’s one that we love, and you can hear the .mp3 attached to this blog.

*If a toilet is over-flowing, is it just a simple clog? Does the toilet need to be repaired? Or, did your son’s favorite action figure “go for a swim” and never return? We don’t “guess” over the phone. Our technician will give you a complete evaluation and accurate price

up-front … before any work is done. We’ll back it with a warranty …. Adventuresome Power Rangers excluded. J

What makes this piece work? Well, it’s a business idea presented in a fun and friendly fashion that everyone can relate too, especially if you have kids. Positive marketing does not have to be stuffy! A fun voice, with relevant information about your company packed around an interesting concept … that’s good music on hold!

Listen to other great ideas at http://www.holdtimestudios.com/marketing-ideas.php, and give us a call to make your commercial grade phone system (avaya, inter-tel, mitel, etc..) sound great!

Using innovating marketing ideas for music on hold in a tough economy

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~ This was posted on - April 13, 2009

A few days ago, one our large property management clients eliminated the front-end receptionist, and took advantage of the auto-attendant and music on hold abilities in their commercial grade phone system to speed calls to the right employee, instead of the receptionist.

Many of our clients are small companies that are looking to cut overhead costs in this troubled economic environment, and with their phone system they can reduce their office staff by one person by programming it to full auto-attendant. They can also increase customer awareness of their business with innovative marketing through music on hold that’s paired with the auto attendant system.

In the old days, this would have been voicemail hell; but with well done prompts, callers can get to the person they need within a hop or two. Most commercial-grade phone system have the hardware and music on hold feed, but would probably need to be programmed by a phone tech.

Auto attendants and directories, in conjunction with a well crafted music on hold marketing production, can be cost effective and efficient, and if done well will use the same voice on their auto-attendant as their on-hold feed. What does a well-craft music on-hold production sound like, listen to some samples and get ideas at http://www.holdtimestudios.com/marketing-ideas.php

Budget $100 to 200 to have a professional do several levels of prompts that can guide callers quickly through your system to the right person. Just like a reception area should have complementing furniture and carpet, you should have the same voice do your auto-attendants as the music on hold productions – it makes more a more professional and manageable experience for your callers… and much cheaper than a receptionist!

Using Hosted and VOIP systems with Music on hold

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~ This was posted on - April 9, 2009

We increasingly see more customers coming to us with VOIP technology running their phone systems. The VOIP application uses a remotely hosted phone server, with service delivered via the customers internet connection. While our experience has been that this technology is still maturing and not as reliable as a traditional business-class phone system, the music on hold technology that runs it is very stable and straightforward. However, the music on hold marketing technique in VOIP is different in one big way: It does not loop.

When a customer is put on hold in a VOIP/ hosted system the music on hold feed starts at 00:00seconds, and plays until whenever the call is picked up on other end.

[start] Paragraph #1 / music / Paragraph#2 / music / Paragraph #3 / … etc.

In a traditional phone system, the music on hold plays through an external player (usually) that loops about endlessly in a four to six minute track. You never know what paragraphs that are full of information and style about your company are going to be playing. It’s like a home system CD track on “repeat”.

[start?] Paragraph #1 / [start?] music / [start?] Paragraph #2 / [start?] ….

For VOIP/ hosted systems, having the messaging on hold track start at Paragraph #1 every time they call is a mixed blessing.

1. GOOD – Your business can get it’s top priority marketing paragraphs out first to every caller. Lesser priority paragraphs can be placed later in the 4 to six minute production.

2. BAD – If a prospect or customer calls in more than once, they’ll get tired of hearing the same Paragraph #1 all the time.

At www.holdtimestudios.com, we recommend having smaller productions for VOIP / hosted systems, and changing them more often. This makes the music on hold marketing channel much more relevant and dynamic, and doesn’t significantly increase the cost because the overall production and studio is shorter for each paragraph. To us, (4) six-minute productions is the same amount of studio time as (6) three-minute productions.

What you customers want from music on hold

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~ This was posted on - April 6, 2009

What do you like to hear on-hold? We’re used to getting silence, static, or the radio. Nobody remembers music on hold paragraphs that are long, boring, and full of superlatives packed into lists of services. All of these present a bleak, if not crummy image of the company that’s being called.

Maybe you remember a cool on-hold message that was creatively written, mixed with a bit of humor… or better yet – sound effects? www.holdtimestudios.com can do the boring stuff, yes, but why when for the same price you can engaging and educational music on hold?

Skip the boring studios, toss the old radio – and try us out.

Oh, yes… there are statistics to back us up. Here they are:

AT&T said,

“70% of calls are placed on hold for 30 seconds or longer. If a callers listens to silence, with commercial call will suffer a 75% abandonment rate. For first time callers, more than half will not call back.”

CNN said,

“The average person spends 100 hours per year on hold.”

Cellular Marketing Magazine

“Over 90% of callers prefer on-hold messages over silence.”

Telemarketing Magazine said,

“Surveys show that 25 to 40% of callers make purchases based on information they heard on-hold.”

So, does that sound like a good $1.50/day investment for your marketing budget?

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