Distinguishing your business from the competition

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~ This was posted on - May 29, 2009

On-Hold Messaging is one of your most cost-effective marketing tools (minimal investment, warm, engaged, proactive audience, etc.) But what are you communicating? Features… benefits… prices… location… “about”… All good, but not as important as why… Most of what describes you also describes your competition, and music on hold is a great way to market the unique attributes of your company with this creative marketing channel.

Discovering and conveying your own uniqueness is not always easy. Turning it into a selling point can be even harder. Do it, however, or you’ll probably fail. Don’t rely on your marketing department to do it without your help. The responsibility for this critical task lies ultimately with the business owner. As for your marketing department – or whoever you expect to make your phone ring – are you “helping them help you” by providing them that singular distinction they can “write home about”? If a “selling point” elicits the response “Well I certainly hope so!” then it’s not nearly enough…

Car Ad: “All our vehicles come with warranties…!”

Prospective Customer: “Well I certainly hope so!”

Brochure for a typical retail business: “Fast, friendly service!”

Prospective Customer: “Well I certainly hope so!”

Holdtime Studios produces custom on-hold phone system messaging. Their clients who become pro-actively engaged in knowing and communicating their own uniqueness are more successful and easier to work with.

Does this uniqueness have to be worthy of the next Pulitzer Prize? No! But it does have to be something. (Almost) anything. So your dental office uses the latest, high tech equipment, etc., etc.

So your realtors are “professionals” and your website had “millions of listings”. I certainly hope so!

People do business with people. Sometimes that’s enough. Get in touch with what’s different or better about your company, product, or service. Next time you update your on-hold message – or your radio campaign – include that distinctive nugget.

Listen to samples of effective on-hold messaging that connects callers with real people and their distinctiveness at holdtimestudios.com.

Make your business phone a selling partner!

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~ This was posted on - May 22, 2009

The On-Hold Messaging Association says 70% of business callers are put on hold. Make sure that time is put to good use by telling your on hold customers or prospects about how you can solve their problems, or to introduce new products. This audio point of purchase is an opportunity to direct your message to the people who are already interested in your business — because they’re calling you.

One more statistic – 12 to 16% of on hold customers will make a purchase, based on your excellent music on hold.

What makes an excellent on hold message? According to Hold Time Studios, a personal touch, appropriate humor, briefly explaining your unique solution, are all factors. Another is adding some good music on hold for a total creative marketing package.

Patrick Bolan, owner of Hold Time Studios, and sister company Hold Time Music, says some of his clients report their customers ask to be put back on hold; they were enjoying themselves so much!

Radio or print ads can cost thousands, and let’s not even think about the cost of a TV spot, but on hold messaging targets your best customers for as little as $350. Your cost depends on whether you have multiple locations, how often you want to refresh your scripts and whether you need to purchase equipment.

It’s helpful when making business decisions to hear what others have experienced in your situation. Visit Patrick’s testimonial page to read some great reviews and then give him a call.

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