Hold Time welcomes Stevens Water Monitoring systems!

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~ This was posted on - May 4, 2011

Hello to Stevens Monitoring Systems!

What they do:

Hold Time welcomes a unique manufacturer in to our on hold service: Stevens Water Monitoring Systems. If you’ve ever heard the news report on how high the river is, how much rain fell, or water table levels chances are the gauges they were using were made by Stevens Water Monitoring Systems. Sensors are often transmitted by cellular signal to regional databases for number crunching and reporting.

Remotely Tracking Water temp and levels

100 years ago, water levels were etched on a scroll of paper on site, but today Stevens manufacturers the digital recording devices for the on-site measurements, primarily through automated cell phone service, or the GOES Weather satellites.

It was just another one of those great moments in our business where we say, “Really?  Who knew!”

Marketing Challenge:

A lot has changed in this industry in the past 25 years with digital technology, and Stevens needs to get the word out about their latest technology “Stevens Connect”, where the data is collected and organized by Stevens, then conveniently displayed online for customers. It’s a new standard in the industry, and part of the “New Stevens” marketing campaign surrounding their 100 year anniversary. The lion’s share of Steven’s on-hold marketing is about this, with the balance of paragraphs taken up with other unique environmental monitoring products.


Hold Time Music installed a fax-based remote-controlled player for their updates. They update 2x per year, for $50 a month.

How they found Hold Time:

Stevens googled “music on hold Portland, Oregon”, was then referred to us by our website, www.holdtimemusic.com.

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