Welcome to OnOne Software!

~ This was posted on - June 2, 2011

Since their software offerings are constantly being updated and improved, AND because their customers may spend a lot of time on-hold for technical support asking questions that have easy answers, OnOne software is using Hold Time to point callers to their website for FAQ, tutorials, and new stuff.

For example if Adobe Photoshop posts an update, OnOne quickly revises their plug-in to work with it.  Customers don’t need to call and wait for tech-support – just download the update for OnOne’s plug-in.  Hold Time is working to reduce their call volume in this way.

We elected to use an internet based player – the Hybrid 7600, that updates productions remotely from our Oregon City studio.   OnOne updates frequently, so getting a new production up on their NEC phone system almost instantly is part of the excellent customer service Hold Time provides!

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