The December Dive

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~ This was posted on - November 16, 2011

Using Google the Economic Indcator’s to forecast business activity

In addition to music on hold, I also spend time listening to economic and marketing podcasts, so rather than just being a talking head about on-hold messaging, here’s some information you might also find useful in your business!

In the depressed B2B and mixed financial markets, finding an economic indicator that you can count on is anybody’s guess, but here’s one that everyone can relate to.

 Google tallied all keyword searches for  ”calendar / business / salary / stapes” for US markets, putting a numerical value on casual B2B activity across many years of data.

Google analytics on keyword searches

For the full graph, and analytics on other industries like Finance, Furniture, and Banking, see here.

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How to make live on-hold music

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~ This was posted on - November 2, 2011

You could have a violin on standby, or just have Hold Time Studios install a player for you with an entire band backing up your business.  Check out this cool video of the live-musician-on-standby method!

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