The best Holiday on-hold paragraph ever!

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~ This was posted on - December 15, 2011

The best on-hold paragarph ever
Those wrinkles!

no wrinkles for me!I’m always thinking about the best on-hold paragraph ever written at Hold Time – this one was for a medical spa.

“If you’re spending time around extended family this Holiday Season, take a look around… those wrinkles will be coming to a face very near you within a few years – but they don’t have to… your skin can be clear and beautiful at any age at Allure Med Spa!”


You can do much better than the radio by marketing to your customers with creative on-hold messaging, and decent music.  Contact us today!

The White Elephant wins again! The most popular Holiday 2011 paragraph.

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~ This was posted on - December 13, 2011

Out of dozens of options, this paragraph was picked by our customers most often to be used in their Holiday 2011 production: 


Part 1:


Chances are you may be invited to a Holiday soiree over the winter season where a “white elep hant” gift exchange takes place.  Do you know where the expression “white elephant” comes from?  We’ll tell you about it,in ten seconds…

A blessing and a curse.


Part 2:


Kings in southeast asia used to keep the rare white elephant as a 

sign that they reigned with justice and power.  The animals were considered sacred and were protected by law from labor, so a gift of one was both a blessing and a curse.  Eventually, any gift that was expensive to maintain, or DIFFICULT TO DISPOSE OFbecame known as a “white elephant”.  We don’t see too many elephants here, but this season there are customers a-

plenty!  We’re on our way to your call right now! 


What does it sound like? Hear it here!


Great Holiday Scripting

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~ This was posted on - December 1, 2011

Christmas already?  At Hold Time Music, we started two weeks ago writing, getting approval, and (soon) producing Holiday productions for our clients.   There’s a lot to talk about, especially for those companies that expect an end-of-year bump in revenue, and Hold Time Music is making their customers that call in have ever opportunity to consider EVERYTHING that they do: 

Plumbing services: A slow drain is an early warning system for your plumbing – get it fixed before the guests arrive.

Dental: Look your best with a custom whitening program.

Country Clubs: Holiday parties coming up… reserve your time in our boardroom.

Heating and Refrigeration: That nice HVAC system you bought should have a service checkup by the end of the year – because the warranty requires it.

Alarm and Security: No need to leave your house abandoned while your traveling this season.  Get it protected!

Printing: It’s not too late to get your Christmas cards done!

Eyecare and Optometry: Gift certificates for our high-quality sports and sun glasses.

Veterinary: Give your pet the gift of a good dental cleaning.  If you hadn’t brushed your teeth in a year, how would you feel?

Retail: Have you thought of…?  and special promotions for the Holiday season.

Hold Time has options for small phone systems too.  You don’ t have to have a commercial grade phone system like Avaya or NEC to get great music on hold!


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