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~ This was posted on - May 8, 2012

The Small Business Optimism Index



Marketing sells hope.  The business hopes their product is something prospects want, and marketers have the skills to get the hope out there.  I always tell prospects, “I can’t promise to solve your marketing problems, but when it comes to getting the music on hold message out to people who are calling you – you’re not going to find anyone better!” It’s a good system!


Most of my customers are small business owners, and if their hope sags with the economy, then my business hurts too.  While working on my M.B.A. from which Hold Time Music was created, I developed a real appreciation for graphs… particularly, economic indicators.  In the past, I’ve written about Google’s search index by industry (sample keyword: phone systems) as a rough approximation of consumer interest over time. 


But today I found a better one that ties in the sentiment of small business owners, and seems to exactly match my fortunes in the B2B music on hold industry.  Check this out:


Do you see your sales growth here?

f you spend a lot of time marketing to small business owners, this graph may look familiar.  It’s your sales growth… at least it’s mine, anyway.


The good news of the NFIB Small Business Optimism Indexis things are moving up, and they’re about ½ way back to pre-recession levels.  I would say the hope is spreading, and that’s good for sales.


That optimism is weaker in Oregon.  Inside the Portland metro area, small business are weaker than their rural cousins.  Large rural business +100 employees have suffered the most as shown here:


Metro small business squeezed hard


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