Don’t clutter your message.

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~ This was posted on - June 11, 2012

Most sales people clutter their messages at a sales call, at least I do.  
This might help: 


Standing before the sales team, I slid a box of donuts down the conference table and said, “Good things come to those who wait.”  It’s Hold Time‘s logo, and the centerpiece of the personal ad every good sales person should in their tool box.  If you had 30 seconds to communicate yourself and your product, what do you say?  

 When an accountant who handled bankruptcies explained what he did, he always got the same response, “Oh, what a depressing line of work.  Must be hard.”  It left a negative impression, and he got few new clients.   

 Patrick is happy and cold.
But when he re-worked his 30 second personal ad, to “I’m a CPA who helps people turn their businesses around, especially after bankruptcy,” the effect on sales was immediate.  It was short, simple, memorable, and powerful.  

 What is the key item that you want prospects to remember about the benefit you’re bringing?  Condense it, and hit it again and again in a sales call so that the person listening will remember “this is the benefit they’ll bring to me.”  

 As an owner-operator for, my view of Hold Time is complicated… it’s writing, equipment, studio voicework, music, marketing, networking, and so on.  I’ve had a hard time separating operations side from my marketing, but when I remember “Good things come to those who wait” as I walk into a sales call, the benefit I bring to the prospect will be much clearer.   800-521-5570

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