Caligula gets put on-hold and watered down.

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~ This was posted on - July 3, 2012

Our server at Hold Time is the final resting place for hundreds of on-hold paragraphs that were fantastic, absolutely dynamite, but got cut in the final edit.  No chance here to do an Extended Edition DVD… they are dead, and not coming back although they supremely entertaining

 Here’s an example of creative scripting:

 Ancient Bearing part 1

Looking for a wooden bearing?  We don’t have any, but we know where to find one at the bottom of the lake in Italy.  Details are coming up…

 Ancient Bearing part 2

_____ spends a lot of time rummaging through surplus parts looking for bearings you might need, but we couldn’t buy this one… A wooden bearing was found supporting a statue of the Roman Emporer Caligua.  It was on one of his party ships, and the wooden thrust bearing allowed the likeness of Caligula to rotate around for all to see.  _____  has (almost )every bearing made for you today in our 80,000 warehouse, when we return to the line!

 After the owner took a look at it, our paragraph turned into:

  “_______ stocks more than 250,000 unique sizes of bearings including,: Ball Bearings, Roller Bearings, and Tapered Roller Bearings, Pillow Blocks, Needle Bearings, and Flange Units.  We’ll return to the phone in just a moment.”

 …yawn.  Why did our music on hold paragraph have to die?

 Because it was dumbed down.  When a company is young and/or hungry, their marketing can tank by:

 Presenting bland content.  A cool graphic is good, but content that makes an impression may offend someone.

  1. Describing a scope of services so wide and diluted that it leaves the consumer wondering what they actually good at.
  2. Have so many cooks in the kitchen (especially in a family owned business), that most creative intent is stripped out during the review process.

 So you get incredibly dull on-hold marketing.

 Worried about catchy on-hold marketing?  I’ve found that callers will grant your on hold marketing approach more creative license because it’s a spoken medium, and they’ll remember the impression more than the information they hear.

 Give it a try!

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