Welcome TAB Answer Network!

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~ This was posted on - March 11, 2013

Welcome TAB Answer Network!


TAB is our first answering service, and one might think that an answering service would need a generic on hold message. That’s true, but only for the main line. They, like many other businesses with sophisticated VoIP phone systems, run multiple on hold sources; and their main marketing line needed a good message to promote the company while prospective customers are on hold.

What they do:

The TAB Answer Network answers phones during the day and after hours for a range of businesses including, healthcare and property management companies.  Each operator is trained in the specific procedure to contact their customer, especially when calls are urgent. It may be by email, texting, calling, or paging (yes, they still do that), but the TAB prides itself on doing exactly what their customer asks with courtesy and professionalism.

50 years of business:

TAB’s old switchboard.

TAB Answer Network was established in 1954, when the range of forwarding numbers could only extend 10 miles due to limitations in technology and copper lines. They would scout locations for offices based on the density of office suites in any given area of Los Angeles, and at one point had 21 offices. It’s hard to imagine it now, but this was only in the 90s. Today, technology has caught up to make dialtone and port forwarding global to open a worldwide market for answering services.

Marketing Challenges:

Rather than ship their customers calls to India. The tab answer network consolidated its 21 offices into a single location in Los Angeles… Still family owned, and locally operated. One of our favorite on – hold paragraphs for their marketing line is:

 ”Your call is not parked beneath the ocean in a fiber optic cable somewhere between the United States and India or the Philippines (not that other companies don’t do that…) But this is a family business in California that’s been answering your call for the last 60 years…”

All telephone, all the time:

As a company that deals exclusively with their customers over the phone, it’s important for them to “Roll out the red carpet.” for their phone system.  By demonstrating good telephone marketing, they can overcome their prospects objections with – say – an auto attendant system. This on hold paragraph deals directly with that objection in the sales process:

 ” Some companies have tried to use an automated system to route calls, then called us. That’s because so many of their calls were winding up in the wrong mailbox, and details were getting dropped. When a thinking person from TAB answers the call, it will get to the right person, and your callers won’t hang up when they hear a live person answer the phone.  It’s easier than setting up a phone tree, and will show you how very quickly!”


Probably one third of all of our new customers do not use a player, because their phone system is computer-based and often tied into a VoIP system. These customers are serviced by Hold Time Music more affordably, because they do not require any equipment!

One of the limitations of VoIP / cloud-based phones (especially of Asterisk systems) is their inability to loop the on hold message, so every production starts at the beginning for every caller… Thus first paragraph suffers from overexposure in every phone call, and the production gets stale. We are looking forward to the day when the phone software keeps up with the practical use of a looping on hold message.

How they found us:

The Internet Gods smiled upon us for this one, and we were delighted to handle their needs via our website.

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