Music on hold hell

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~ This was posted on - February 2, 2009

What is the #1 thing people don’t want to hear on-hold?

- An out-of-tune radio.

What is the #1 thing business owners don’t want customers to hear on-hold?

- A radio advertisement for somebody else.

What is the biggest waste of space on a phone system?

- Silence, while your customers are listening for someone to help them.

What is the second biggest waste of space on a phone system?

- Music-on-hold with lots of distortion guitar (which sounds awful over the phone), and badly written scripts.

What is the most overused, oxymoronic phrase for messages on hold?

- “Your call is important to us.”

o While that may true, don’t remind the caller of it then fill their ear with bad music-on-hold. The best compliment we routinely get at is, “Our customers ask to get put back on-hold!” I’m not kidding – read our testimonials!

What’s the most inappropriate music on hold selection we’ve heard?

- Mozart’s Requiem, for a life insurance company!

Honestly, folks…. You can do better with Please read our testimonials and see the music on hold can be fun, engaging, and present your company in a way that will

- callers on hold longer

- help your customers understand the scope and background of your business

- cross-sell products and services your customers are not aware of

- create an marketing impression where there was once was…silence!

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