Using innovating marketing ideas for music on hold in a tough economy

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~ This was posted on - April 13, 2009

A few days ago, one our large property management clients eliminated the front-end receptionist, and took advantage of the auto-attendant and music on hold abilities in their commercial grade phone system to speed calls to the right employee, instead of the receptionist.

Many of our clients are small companies that are looking to cut overhead costs in this troubled economic environment, and with their phone system they can reduce their office staff by one person by programming it to full auto-attendant. They can also increase customer awareness of their business with innovative marketing through music on hold that’s paired with the auto attendant system.

In the old days, this would have been voicemail hell; but with well done prompts, callers can get to the person they need within a hop or two. Most commercial-grade phone system have the hardware and music on hold feed, but would probably need to be programmed by a phone tech.

Auto attendants and directories, in conjunction with a well crafted music on hold marketing production, can be cost effective and efficient, and if done well will use the same voice on their auto-attendant as their on-hold feed. What does a well-craft music on-hold production sound like, listen to some samples and get ideas at

Budget $100 to 200 to have a professional do several levels of prompts that can guide callers quickly through your system to the right person. Just like a reception area should have complementing furniture and carpet, you should have the same voice do your auto-attendants as the music on hold productions – it makes more a more professional and manageable experience for your callers… and much cheaper than a receptionist!

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