Why the radio does more harm than good for music on hold

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~ This was posted on - January 2, 2009

Now that you’ve become familiar with Hold Time Studios for custom quality on-hold messaging, there’s no need to throw a scratchy radio on your phone system. Now you have the connections you need to avoid the following gaffes.

1. Having someone else advertise on your phone system

Printing Expressly For You (www.pefy.com) call me up one day… “We’ve always had a radio on hold, and yesterday one of my biggest customers was on the line. He said,

‘I was just put on hold and heard an advertisement for Documart. Isn’t that one of your competitors?’”

They were embarrassed, and decided it was worth the few hundred dollars to have a custom production done with THEIR name on it, and the best things about THEIR business… not the competitor down the street.

2. The signal drifts in and out, and half the time your calls are annoyed with static. Honestly… it happens all the time.

3. It’s not legal. http://articles.ruchie.com/entertainment/radio/legal-issues-on-music-on-hold.html Since it’s a rebroadcast of a copyrighted source that you’re using to promote your business… you owe somebody money.

4. You can do better. There are a number of on-hold custom production studios through out the US that can write a custom marketing piece specifically for your business, as Hold Time Studios has done for hundreds of companies. see www.holdtimestudios.com/marketing-ideas.php .

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