Can I have music on hold with a small analog phone system? part 1

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~ This was posted on - January 29, 2009

If your phone system

- was purchased at an office supply store

- has four lines or less

- is plug n’ play right into the phone jack

- OR, has no brain on the back wall…

..then there is probably no “port” provided for Music on Hold. I’ve seen a lot of GE, RCA Executone, Panasonic KX series, and AT&T phone systems in this category. Installation is doable, but not as easy as with commercial grade phone systems.  We’ve got experience with this at, and it’ll be easier to call us then guess at it by searching on the internet.

You’ll need an adapter that “senses” when a phone line has been put-on hold, and plays the music in to the phone line from an external player. The adapter and the onhold messaging player are different units.

Type #1 – The voltage shifter.

When the hold key is pressed on the analog phone system, the tiny electrical current within the line shifts its voltage. MOH adapters will detect the shift, and play music into the line until it’s picked up again. Hold Time Studios recommends adapters that are customized for your phone model (see


- By far the most reliable and automatic.


- A little more expensive.

- All phones have to be the same make and model.

I’ll write about two more types of analog adapters made by Intellitouch and “keystroke” types in my next blog posting.

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