Directory and Voice mail recordings for phone trees Part 3 of 3

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~ This was posted on - March 24, 2009

If you’ve spent thousands on your phone system, you can be sure that callers are going to spend some time on-hold or transferred as they do business with you. Creating an efficient and professional experience is often more important than how your front lobby looks – 80% of business callers will be put on-hold in a given day! Roll out the red carpet for your callers by enhancing these three zones.

  1. Zone 1 – Who (or what) is answering the phone? Receptionists and Auto Attendants. See our blog here.
  2. Zone 2 – Dynamic marketing: music on hold, or messaging on hold. See our blog here.
  3. Zone 3 – Directory and Voice Mail recordings
    1. Directory. Again, it’s important that the voiceover that’s on the Auto-attendant (Zone 1) and onhold messaging (Zone 2) is the same as the Directory recording. It’s sounds professional… a smooth transition to get the caller to their final extension. It doesn’t have to be dry. People appreciate a bit of warmth in the voice prompts, like this: “Here’s a list of extensions for everyone at This is a long list, so you may dial the extension as soon as you hear it!….. For John Smith, dial 111, etc….”

Voice Mail recordings. Most companies want the person that owns the voice mail to do their own recording. It’s personable, and it will be the last prompt your callers here.

Most effective are voice mail messages that are updated frequently with timely information. “You’ve reached the phone of Patrick Bolan with We’re in the studio right now working on Holiday productions… and so our ringing phones are turned off. We are very good at returning phone calls, however, so please leave a message and I’ll return your call promptly.” See? Isn’t that better than “I’m not available right now, so leave a message.” ?

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