On hold music for 2 or 4 line phone systems

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~ This was posted on - November 24, 2008

Many people believe that on-hold messaging is only for big, expensive telephone systems like Vodavi, Toshiba, and NEC. Not true! A phone system purchased at an office supply store will not have native Music-on-hold capability, but there are third party adapters available to turn a small phone system into a marketing machine!

Here’s how they work:

  1. The adapter is installed before the phone reaches the central phone unit.
  2. Sensing a “hold” signal or a voltage shift within the phone line, the music stored on the player will automatically begin to play when the caller is put on hold.
  3. In my own experience, adapters that sense the voltage shift, like those at www.skutchelectronics.com, are far more reliable than the tone-emitting adapters shown at www.intellitouch.com. They’re also custom made and cost more.

Hold Time Studios has successfully installed third party on-hold adapters for small offices, like www.lathroportho.com – they thought they were stuck with the weird background music played on their KX series Panasonic 3 line phone. “Not so!” I told them. Now they’re fitted with a Skutch CK1p and a RUF 2700 player from which Hold Time Music loads new productions several times a year.

Wiring a third party analog adapter to your phone system may take some time. If you can afford it, we recommend using a telephone tech.

Commercial grade systems are much easier, because their engineered to recieve MOH, like your computer is designed for a USB plugin.  learn more at http://holdtimestudios.com/phone-system.php

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