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~ This was posted on - January 15, 2009

There is often undue consternation over what style of music should be used for a company’s telephone on-hold message. The music must support (and not distract) from the MESSAGE about your business.

1. Understand that you’ll be choosing a genre of music – you won’t be able to use that U2 song unless you’re ready to pay thousands upon thousands of dollars in copyright fees.

2. Choose a style that fits your businesses image, not just your favorite genre. It’s a classic marketing mistake to pick artistic bents that you enjoy, instead of what’s most effective for your target audience. It’s Marketing 101, folks. Once I installed a system where the Owner-Doctor of a veterinary clinic was a classical music aficionado, and insisted her on-hold messaging use the same. The “up” nature of their voiceovers was a poor match for soothing classical music.

  1. When in doubt, aim for the Lowest Common Denominator among your telephoning audience… it’s light jazz – because it’s least likely to annoy your callers compared to rap, rave, bluegrass, country, and so on…

  1. Follow the industry trend. From our experience, here it is:
    1. Banking and financial: Classical Music
    2. Veterinarian and Dental: Light Jazz
    3. Automobile: More aggressive jazz
    4. Business Services: Bluesy jazz, without blaring horns.
    5. Day Spas: Neo-classical, or New Age
    6. Manufacturing: Light Jazz
    7. Adventure Sports and Gyms: Rock to Rave
    8. Retirement Planning: Big Band (boomers love this style)
    9. Locally rooted businesses: Heavily dependent on local music influences.
    10. Businesses who deal with stressed out callers: Neo-classical.
    11. General Restaurant: Light Jazz
    12. Expensive Restaurant: Mellow piano Jazz (we call it “smoky” around here)

Our tagline for Hold Time is “Good things come to those wait.” Maybe it should be, “We think about it so you don’t have to!”.

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