Affordable marketing in tough times – music on hold.

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~ This was posted on - January 20, 2009

When the economy is down, it’s time to circle the wagons in your marketing budget, and work on your best prospects – your existing customers. The same ones that call your business and are put on-hold while they’re waiting for you… If you’re short on marketing cash, delay that radio campaign that indiscriminately advertises to an unknown audience for $12-$30k. Use a message on hold system for as little as $10 a month, or a few hundred dollars per piece!  Check prices at here:

All mass media advertising channels have the same problem:

- outdoor advertising

- Radio

- Newspaper

- Phone book

- Direct Mail

…you’re paying big dollars, and not sure who it’s going to. A smarter use of your marketing budget (for far less), is targeting an audio marketing piece to people who have already initiated contact with your businesses.

If you’re already spending money on media, then why would you not put your best foot forward when they call you. Roll out the red carpet for your phone system, and use an on-hold messaging system for less than it takes for the radio ad to be produced!

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