Good on-hold script writing uses good detail

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~ This was posted on - November 3, 2008

Having written thousands of pages of on-hold-messaging script for Hold Time Studios, we’ve got a good feel of what works… and what doesn’t. New script writers will load up the paragraphs with superlatives and adjectives – Wrong! Here’s a badly written on-hold paragraph:

“Hecht and Hecht Insurance Agency ( represents a host of professionally well rated insurance options for your personal or business and automobile coverage. Let us improve your coverage and service by reviewing your policy today.”

That is awful. In fact, if you’re going to use such bad script you might as well just have music…. Nobody listens to that! Here’s a better way:

“Hecht and Hecht recently replaced an insurance carrier for a large company in Bellingham with 750 employees. The next year, they saved $1.5 million in insurance premiums – without reducing coverage. This isn’t pixie dust math – it’s providing companies with employee education and wellness programs that reduce claims. We’d be happy to pass the savings on to you when we return to the line.”

Much better! A real story, hard statistics, and a little levity give a contemporary example of what Hecht and Hecht wants every customer and prospect to know. It takes a little more time, but engaging the caller with well written script turns “silence” into a viable and inexpensive message on hold.

For a good video primer on on-hold messaging see

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