How to write a bad telephone onhold advertisement

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~ This was posted on - January 5, 2009

We’ve all heard them… and here’s what makes an on-hold production more annoying than helpful.

  1. Paragraphs are too long… If your average caller is on-hold for 20 seconds, then why write paragraphs that take 30 seconds to read through? They’ll never hear the beginning and/or the end.
    1. Solution: Keep you paragraphs to 20 seconds or less.
  2. Poor music choice… Let’s say you’re a finanicial planner, and use hard rock. Yet, most of your clientel doesn’t like hard rock. Your on-hold will do more harm than good.
    1. Solution: Aim for the lowest common denominator, usually light jazz.
  3. Too much generic information… As in, “ABC company has provided the best customer service in our industry for since 1980.” Oh, please… you do more harm than good with that dreary pablum.
    1. Solution: Work industry statistics into good stories about your company. What do you tell people who want to know a little more about your company – this is your chance?
  4. Micro-managing professional writers… To be honest, business owners who insist on writing their own on-hold messaging even when the service is part of the package are shooting themselves in the foot. Hold Time Studios will take the time to interview you, listen to your what your company is about, then use our experienced creative writers to come up with a script that will hit the target!
    1. Solution: Let the professionals do what they’re good at. You’ll always get the opportunity to approve it.
  5. Use outdated information… Callers will immediately recognize if you’re advertising an event on hold that happened in the past.
    1. Solution: Change the production more frequently.

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