Programming a smooth transition through auto-attendants and music on hold. Part 2

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~ This was posted on - March 9, 2009

Many businesses spend thousands of dollars to make their front office look nice, but the majority of their business is done over the phone. Fortunately, creating a smooth professional experience for callers using voiceovers and marketing on-hold is easy, and less expensive than the furniture in your lobby! Eliminiate dead space, and “harmonize” your phone system by focusing on these four zones:

  1. Part 1 – Auto-Attendants, see our blog here.

  2. Part 2 – Marketing on-hold.

If you’ve spent thousands of dollars to purchase a commercial-grade (PBX) phone system, then most of your callers will be put on-hold or transferred during their call. It’s time to deploy your marketing strategy, and tell them why they made the right call when they called you!

It’s important to use the same voice for the on-hold marketing and your auto-attendant, otherwise it sounds like you’ve switched phone systems and your call is heading overseas. Not professional.

We’ve already said quite a bit on the details of this production. You can read about it here:

Content, including website promotion, and services see our blog here.

Equipment, see our blog here.

Music styles, see our blog here.

This dynamic market music on hold channel will tell your customers all about your business for a fraction it would cost to create a print and broadcast medium advertisement, at least it’s less expensive if you use Your callers will also refrain from hanging up now that they have something interesting about YOU to listen to with messaging on hold.

This blog continues to Part 3 here, with a discussion about Directory and Voice Mail recordings.

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