The #2 complaint about telephone hold music companies

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~ This was posted on - November 21, 2008

Some on-hold companies make their money by not providing all the productions you’ve paid for. Let’s say our client has paid for four productions in a calendar year – that’s pretty standard. Our sister company, makes sure they get what they paid for by setting up a flexible calendar schedule for new productions and

  1. Writing new script before we contact them at the beginning of a season.
  2. Requesting their input and approval before new productions are made.
  3. Following up with the client by phone and email prior to each production period.

What do some of our competitors do?

  1. Wait for the client to call.

Yup, that’s it. So it’s up to Gresham Chrysler Jeep to request a new production, and by the end of the year only two have been delivered instead of the four they paid for. The client gets ½ of customer service, and the on-hold messaging company gets 50% profit.

At Hold Time Studios and, we’re serious about keeping the promises we make. It’s our owner, Patrick Bolan, who will give us hell if we don’t!

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