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~ This was posted on - April 20, 2014


Now that all of the holiday 2013 productions are wrapped up…. Here’s a moment to tell you something important to us at Hold Time:

Hold Time has a huge variety of on-hold clients – tanning salons, engineering firms, and several nonprofits like St. Vincent de Paul of Portland.   I’m convinced that the economic trend of “hollowing out” the middle class is accelerating now after the recession, and it should not fall to the government solve that problem.  Many are less fortunate than we are, and live in a constant state of genuine need … And it isn’t necessarily their fault.   If you’ve got a little extra money left over this year for charitable purposes, consider feeding the hungry here in Portland and volunteers at St. Vincent de Paul.

Those of you with been around for a while, may remember the multitude of thrift stores St. Vincent de Paul used to run.   Several years ago, St. Vincent de Paul decided that they were not in the business of thrift stores… But rather here to help the distressed, and hungry.  Now, their food distribution warehouse in Portland delivers almost 1,000,000 meals a year, and $.97 of every dollar donated is spent on the needy.

Some receive their food directly from St. Vincent de Paul, but of their perishable and nonperishable items are distributed through intermediary charities like Meals on Wheels.  In areas where people are hungry but unserved, they own a kitchen bus to deliver meals to distressed groups outside the metro area, like Estacada and Mollala.

Their headquarters are not fancy, and as I got to know them I can see that every available dollar was going out to someone who needed it.  I was particularly impressed with a large number of volunteers that work in the warehouse, and staffed the office part-time.   We’ve also been delighted to have their director, Anna Plasterer, over for a Musical Potluck at our home!

From Bolan house, we thank you for using our little family business – Hold Time Music.  I often say to new customers, “I can’t promise to solve all of your marketing problems, but I effectively get the word out for everybody who uses your phone system.”  That’s what were good at, and we are grateful that you agree!

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