Harmonizing your phone system with one voice

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~ This was posted on - November 5, 2012

Move your callers with one voice.


Did you decorate your office tastefully,  then why is your phone system a hodge-podge of voices from your phone technician, a long-gone employee, and the current receptionist… especially when you’ve got such a great on-hold production to usher callers to the person they’re trying to reach?


Does your phone system sound like this? Awkward.



Here’s what it could sound like.


Although a live person is preferable, I’ve seen customers save money by removing a receptionist who would answer calls, and have the automated phone prompts do it instead.  In our experience, about 30% will have an up front day-attendant that guides callers through a directory of options that could be 1 to 4 levels deep before they reach a live person.


In the last few weeks, we’ve done the prompts on phone systems for Toklat‘s new NEC phone system, Taylormade Labels‘ Altigen, Southwick Specialties‘s NEC and Western Partition‘s Avaya. 


It’s not expensive, and often the recording can be remotely updated after hours, or uploaded from the studio.   If we don’t have to leave our studio, Hold Time charges $40 for the first prompt, then $15 for each prompt thereafter in the same session.  You probably pay more than that on window washing!


Connect with me on the specifics of your phone system, and “Good things come to those who wait!”

Patrick of Hold Time Studios


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