Persistence Pays.

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~ This was posted on - September 3, 2012

I’ve never been the guy who makes million dollar deals over breakfast, then lose it all a year later.   A boss told me, “Patrick, you’re nothing if not persistent.”  At the time, I was chasing down signatures and change orders on Fred Meyer construction projects with the dogged determination of a bill collector.  It suited me.  What I lack in charisma, I make up for in persistence.


It works for Hold Time Music too.  For the next 20 years we’ll stare at the ceiling and think about your company, then do about 800 productions a year from our little studio: each one personal, and a demonstration of quality, and persistence.   So after one MBA business plan and seven years of labor, I’m delighted to announce that a few weeks ago we installed our 200th subscriber, Salem Family Cosmetic Dentistry!  That’s been our golden number from the beginning.


Persistence pays in the sport of Triathlon too, as no one rolls out of bed one morning and says, “I think I’ll do an Ironman today!”   Besides having to register one year in advance, just the 700 miles of running to get fit for the 2.4 mile swim / 112 mile bike / 26.2 mile run at Ironman Canadalast weekend shows that great satisfaction comes with great effort. 

Finishing in 12 hours, cutting two hours off my personal best two years ago!  That was a long day.


… and it doesn’t always go smoothly.   I was nearly killedwhile running by texting driver, and then the next day got cut up falling on a bad sidewalk in Gladstone because I was too afraid to run closer to traffic.  On those days, Ironman felt like a bridge too far.  And like anyone in business, I’ve been yelled at, stood up, ignored, and belittled; But I’ve received tremendous kindness - such that in my heart I feel I could never repay - from people who helped us.


Hang in there, and do what you know how to do.   Hard work is rewarded: Maybe with money, but always by the strength it builds within you.  Chasing down those signatures for my boss, he paid me half of what everyone else earned but I didn’t have the right degree; But persistence pays.  

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