The Portland economy, and free advertising on Google Maps

~ This was posted on - November 14, 2010

The Portland Economy: The word on the street:

So, every where I go I’m asking “What’s happening out there?” I got the best insight for longtime friend Jim Southwick, owner of Southwick Specialty Advertising.

“Patrick the promotional service industry is always the first in, and first out. ”

He explained that in the promotional items industry, the Great Recession really hit in early 2008, a few months in advance of the total seizure that we all saw in the last quarter of that year. Although the industry suffered being “first in” the economic downtown, the 2nd half of 2010 has been good all around…. hopefully this means the general uptrend we’re seeing will soon spread to all industries.

For Hold Time, the last two months have been very positive, lagging about three months behind Promotional Items… a good indicator to remember for the next cycle the music on hold industry goes through.  You might ask yourself, what external indicators is your business tied to?

Thanks everyone!

Patrick Bolan

M.A., M.B.A.

Can Customers Find You on Google Maps?

Dear (Contact First Name),

A friend and long-time client at Printsync asked me last week if I had registered my business on Google Maps.  Angela said that in the last six months, Printsync had picked up seven new customers from people searching for printers through Google Maps… and it’s free.  Hey, that’s worth trying!

Registering your business listing with Google Maps:

1.  Shows customers where you are, your phone number, and basic bio.

2.  Increases you web hits (a precious commodity in the marketing world)

3.  Increases your website’s organic ranking on Google.

4.  Let’s customers write reviews about you, which you should not fear if

your business is a good one.

4.  Why pass up free advertising?

keyword:portland music on hold
It’s free advertising, you might as well register!

So I registered two days ago, and Google Analytics tells me that 15 local queries have seen the Hold Time Music listing through this free Google Service.  Free free free!

Click here to get Google Maps registry started for your business.

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